Made in a Free World

Made In a Free World

During Jesse Eave’s lecture, he spoke about the amount of modern slavery that goes into American’s everyday products. It is alarming; many products are everyday uses for Americans. He mentioned a tool called Slavery Footprint. Slavery Footprint is a resource which people can track the products in their lives and how many slaves potentially work for these products in their supply chain. After hearing Jesse speak about the website, I had to take the quiz and analyze how many slaves work for my everyday products.

The quiz begins by asking about your demographics including city, state, gender and age. Then it prompts about your living status: rental, owner, college student or couch surfer. Then the quiz goes on to calculate your diet and food routine, contents of your medicine cabinet, pieces of jewelry, electronics, sporting goods and contents of your closet. (If you decide to take the quiz, be sure to tailor your responses on the left side of the website to get an accurate calculation.)

My results were: 31 slaves worked for my products. This modern slavery stemmed over 17 countries, including U.S. Malaysia, Brazil, China, Zambia, India and Uzbekistan. Products that affected my score the most were: underwear, dresses, jeans and car.

This resource heightened my awareness in my product purchasing choices. There are several other tools that exist to help consumers make more ethical product purchases. Free2Work is a great organization that does extensive research in supply chain slavery. It gives a grade to major brands and products, A to F, for their use of modern slavery in the product or brand supply chain. Slavery Footprint also offers a great app for a smart phone. Using this app, you can scan a product at the store or supermarket and see the product’s modern slavery grade. Both of these tools are useful for consumers trying to be more mindful about potential modern slavery in  product purchases.

So how many slaves work for your daily products?

 Take the Test here!

Check out your favorite brand’s modern slavery grade here! 


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