Fair Tuesday not Black Friday

buy her shirt

Happy thanksgiving to all! Black Friday is upon us; currently there are thousands of people beating the clock to get the biggest and best deals of the holiday season. American consumers will spend an estimated $50 billion holiday shopping this weekend. In response to the madness of Black Friday and the modern slavery associated with many of those discounted sale items, the fair trade community has begun a more ethical tradition: Fair Tuesday, held on December 3. Supporters and markets of Fair Tuesday promote fair trade and ethically produced gifts, while also helping the artisans who made the products. I’ve scanned the fair trade holiday ads and there are a lot of great gift options for your loved ones. Feel free to splurge on these guilt-free, fair trade, no slavery associated, holiday gifts:

  • Made by Survivors: This company employs and educates the survivors of modern slavery and other human rights abuses. It trains and employs survivors of modern slavery, providing workers with fair wages. Made by Survivors supports 250 girls by providing them with an education. They offer jewelry, bags, wallets and children toys. I personally love their unique earrings.
  • Stop Traffick Fashion:This company employs modern slavery victims and at-risk youth. It provides sustainable income, so these survivors can live in freedom from slavery. StopTraffickFashion includes T-Shirts and bags.
  • Nomi Network: Nomi Network creates economic opportunities for youth and women in rural Cambodia. Rural Cambodia is home to millions of women who are vulnerable to sex trafficking due to the extreme poverty that exists there. Nomi Network offers many potential holiday gifts: tech accessory, bags and totes and organic clothing for kids and adults. My personal favorite is above. #BuyHerShirtNotHerBody
  • Good Weave: This company specializes in eliminating child labor in the weaving industry. They facilitated the freeing of 3,600 children working in weaving looms. Good Weave continues to advocate for the prevention of child labor and healthy development of weaving communities. They have a great website with a ton of information regarding modern slavery and tips for buying slave-free products. You can find their products at Amazon.com, Macy’s and The Rug Company.
  • Senda:  Senda seeks to eliminate slavery in the supply chain for sports equipment. They make all products based on ethical standards including: fair working conditions, no child labor and fair wages. They offer soccer balls, t-shirts and athletic clothing.

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